Resilience by Design


A fully experiential two day presentation:

Learn How to access high performance states;how to become a resilience coach;the embodied skills of the resilient elite

Frontline Mind for business

Many organizations and government agencies face increased turbulence much faster than they can develop resilience. On an individual basis, people in high-pressure work environments are experiencing increased burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Syndrome. This training is for individuals and teams within the corporate sector where burnout and ongoing challenges to well being are an issue, and where the need to learn resilience methods for high stress working environments is paramount.

Frontline Mind’s Resilience by Design events are a fully experiential, two day presentation of resilience and peak-performance patterns as used by members of the resilient elite. With pre and post data collection for analysis of impact, as well as year long support via the Frontline Mind’s online platform and iOS/android app, this training event is the most comprehensive of its kind.

Outcomes for attending and applying Frontline Mind resilience training:

Decreased workplace absenteeism
Optimized personal performance and communication
Functional integration of wellbeing practices
Strengthened leadership and management performance
Enhanced employee engagement and company culture
High-performance sales activities
Improved navigation and integration of change initiatives
Enriched personal life experiences

About the event

Develop and apply resilience skills that provide infinite potential for individual and organizational well being and performance.  Create effective solutions for the increased stress and pressure at all levels of your organization.

Who is it for?

Resilience by Design was specifically created for executives in the following roles:

Change Management Leaders
Directors, Learning & Development
Chief Culture Officers
Chief Learning Officers
Head, Learning & Development
Directors, Talent Development
Chief Human Development Officers
Vice-Presidents, Learning & Development
Global Change Enablement Leaders
Global Learning Leads
Senior Compliance Officers
Capability Management Leaders
Compliance Training Directors
Head, Professional Development
Organizational Psychologists
Innovation Leads, Learning & Development

Analysis of Impact

Prior to attending Resilience by Design, all invited attendees will be given access to their own individual and organizational ResilienceSCAN, powered by SenseMaker®

ResilienceSCAN is a quickly deployable online service to gather experiences, observations, and lessons from employees. It maps complex patterns 
of behaviour, attitudes, and perceptions related to individual and collective resilience and organizational risks.

ResilienceSCAN will be provided post event for the collection of data as it relates to the impact and effectiveness of training for each attendee. This level of analysis will signal areas for development and improvement within the users organization, as well as providing insight into how resilient each attendee has become.

SenseMaker® is used by KPMG, Pfizer, Kline Group, and the Australian and U.S. Armies in Afghanistan.

Content Committee

Resilience by Design events are curated by a Content Committee of individuals who each have a minimum of ten years of real world experience in resilience and peak performance. The role of the Committee is to share experience and wisdom to leverage expertise that shapes the content and direction for the event’s agenda. This group determines key issues that need to be addressed, validates the session proposals that have been developed and enables Frontline Mind to build a more engaging program for all attendees.

Prof. Ian Snape

Ian Snape


Program Director – Frontline Mind & Principal Research Scientist – Australian Antarctic Division

Professor Ian Snape has 25 years of experience leading research teams in polar regions for government and private agencies. He’s a prof. fellow at Macquarie & Melbourne Universities and neurocoach for the Australian Olympic taekwondo team.

Mike Weeks

Mike Weeks


Director of Training & Development – Frontline Mind

Mike Weeks is a former professional free climber and ultra-marathon runner; a published author on neuro psychology and a leading peak-performance coach. He has coached for 15 years, across a diverse range of fields, working with frontline operators and athletes.

John Grinder


Global Authority & Leader in the field of Human Performance 

John Grinder is a former professor of Linguistics at UCSC and is a globally acknowledged authority and leader in the fields of human performance, unconscious change and the attainment of human excellence. He has written fourteen books and his work has been cited in thousands of papers.

Carmen Bostic St. Claire


CEO & Founder – Quantum Leap

Carmen Bostic St. Claire is a former ‘National teacher of the year winner’, White House committee administrator and CEO of twenty-seven companies.

She has created training processes for NASA, the U.S. Government and many leading Fortune 500 companies.

Leon Taylor


Performance coach, Mentor, BBC Commentator & Author

Leon Taylor is an Olympic Silver Medalist (Athens 2004) and invented the world’s most difficult dive. He has been a mentor to multiple medal winning Olympians and his first book ‘Mentor’ was released in 2010. Leon is a BBC Sport Commentator who has commented on the Olympics and multiple international

Nick Mitchell


Amazon Bestselling Author & CEO – UP Fitness 

Nick Mitchell is an Amazon Bestselling author and frequent columnist in Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health. He has been hailed as one of the world’s leading body composition and fitness experts. Thousands of people have experienced success from training within Nick’s global gym

Daryll Scott


Director of Human Technology – Lab, Digital Agency

Daryll Scott is an entrepreneur and change agent, providing business coaching for multiple large organizations I’m the UK.

He is also a Director of LAB, an award winning, Neuro-marketing agency. He has authored 4 books (one of which is for children).

The stats speak for themselves


of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress

American Psychological Association

of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress

American Institute of Stress

of adult Australians feel stress in at least one important area of their lives.

Lifeline Australia

working days are lost each year in the UK as a result of work-related illness at a cost of £28.3 billion per year

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

Additional Trainers & Guest Speakers

Hosts of the 2017 Resilience by Design, Ian Snape & Mike Weeks will lead train a select business audience through an exciting, science backed, experiential program of resilience and peak-performance patterns that are effectively used by operators in extreme front line roles. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience inspirational and knowledgeable guest speakers from Olympic Gold medalists through to Medal winning Special Forces.

Frontline Mind has carefully selected the finest, experienced speakers with real-world wisdom and who know how to achieve and sustain resilience under extreme pressure. This event is for any leader who knows the value of bringing resilience and optimal effectiveness to their teams and self.

Beaux Engelbert



Armed Mobile Security – SOC LLC

Beaux was awarded the Marine Corps Commendation Medal during Operation Iraqi Freedom in which he lead a small elite team of Reconnaissance Marines.

He is an instructor with over 700 hours of Platform Instruction.

He was awarded the Marine Corps Commendation Medal during ‘operation Iraqi freedom’.

Lauren Burns



Director | Lauren Burns & Olympic Gold Medalist

Lauren won an Olympic gold medal in taekwondo when the sport made its debut at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

She has a bachelor of health science in naturopathy.

Lauren was awarded the Order of Australia in 2001.

Bean Sopwith



Director | The Body Alchemist

Bean Sopwith is a nutrition and wellness consultant who has coached professional athletes, multiple A-list celebrities and C-level Execs. She is an Oxford graduate and a mother of two boys who has won triathlons, run ‘the marathon des sables (151 miles of Sahara Desert), Climbed Yosemite’s El Capitan’ multiple times, and kayaked 30ft waterfalls in New Zealand .

Tim Emmett



Professional Extreme Sports Athlete

Tim is a professional extreme sports athlete, Author and International Speaker, inspiring businesses and schools around the world. His achievements cover first ascents in Himalayan Mountains, waterfalls and new rock faces on almost every continent. Tim has appeared on BBC’s Top Gear, Ultimate Rock Climb, and The Great British Country Side.

Simon Maryan


Trainer and Speaker

Resilience Trainer and Wellbeing Coach

Simon Maryan is a former member of U.K. Special Forces and Intelligence Community with over twenty years in active service.

He is now an internationally recognized psychologist, coach, trainer, author and speaker, specializing in Trauma, PTSD, behavioral change and developing mental strength in high-pressure environments.


Trainer and Speaker

Organisational Development Consultant & Coach

Martine has designed and led Leadership Development and Cultural Enhancement initiatives for large organisations for the last ten years, helping them rethink their approach to human performance, culture, leadership and resilience. Clients include: dunnhumby, Tesco, McKinsey, HSBC, Ericsson, Mondelez, Goldman Sachs, Kraft, Coca-Cola and Pepsico.

The agenda

Our 2017 agenda covers the attitude, approach and skill sets of the resilient elite, those individuals and organizations who operate effectively in high-pressure and rapidly evolving corporate environments.


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