Leading by Design

Leading by Design

Leading by Design is our advanced leadership program. Our program provides a how-to guide for effective communication, teamwork, strategy, risk, innovation, culture change and more.

Within the leading by Design program, we provide a simple guide for managers and employees using the HOME-SAFE handrail. HOME-SAFE identifies a holistic approach that covers everything from identifying roles and recruiting through to helping staff transition to new adventures either within or outside the business. HOME-SAFE is connected as a handrail for managers (HOME) and employees (SAFE) to create healthy safe workplaces.

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Leading by Design

Leading by Design

Digital-led leadership program customised to your needs whether frontline, business or university courses.

12 modules and interactive experiential workshops that can be delivered by us or under license by your educational staff after initial training by us.

Leading by Design

This course will enable you to

  • Develop adaptive leadership to suit any context
  • Communicate and delegate with clarity and precision
  • Manage performance using continual feedforward
  • Facilitate meetings that recognise the value of diversity
  • Enable your teams to work together and self-organise
  • Engage with risk in ways that are appropriate to context
  • Transform culture with evidence-based narrative-led change
  • Shape your business using a strategic approach to organisation design

Showcase: Dr Kate Field

Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr Kate Field participated in a blended delivery of Leading by Design in 2020 and shares her experiences in this video:

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