Social Care & Child Safety

Frontline Mind supports a range of Government organisations as well as not for profits and charities to help their people have sustainable high performance, enabling them to have long careers with maximum impact in the community. 

People working in frontline roles such as disability services, child safety, home care, foster care and aged care are often the unsung heroes of the community. 

Organisations working in the social care & child safety sector often work across a range of services that are intertwined. Frontline Mind looks for opportunities to connect silos within organisations as well as for opportunities to develop cross-agency relationships through shared training experiences. 


Baptcare Tasmania

Frontline Mind and Baptcare have a long partnership, having worked together for over 5 years. Our work together has been through disability support, early childhood intervention, family and community services and mental health services space. In Tasmania, Resilience by Design has been rolled out across the organisation and is supplemented with extensive Leading by Design training for senior managers and team leaders. 

How We Do It

We use Resilience Scan to track the progress of the teams, with the themes from the narratives reflecting leadership and patterns, and we can see changes over time. This is a constant calibration of where to place attention rather than expect all “problems” to someday be solved.

By 2021 Sense of Threat reported in response to stories had dropped from 88% (mainly biased towards managers) to ~58% with a trend away from managers being the source of the threat. This is a fantastic result for the organisation as we see this sense of threat biased towards managers extensively in other similar organisations. Individuals working in this space almost expect some level of threat from their clients; a sense of threat towards management indicates low levels of psychological safety in the workplace. 

What our clients says about the program

Catherine Viney

Divisional Manager Disability and FACS

“The methodology used by Frontline Mind gets results in an efficient, supported and targeted way. I have seen outstanding results and am really looking forward to a continued relationship. ”

Key statistics

Baptcare Tasmania

  • Resilience by Design available to all Baptcare Tasmania staff
  • In 2020/21, 16 managers and team leaders completed the Leading by Design face to face program
  • Over 50 virtual workshops delivered across Baptcare teams since 2020
  • Resilience Scan running at three monthly intervals

Frontline Mind has also worked with Bapctare to capture and share stories of those they work with in the community. You can see an example of this in the below video:

If you would like to find out more about how Frontline Mind caters programs specifically to organisations working in the Social Care & Child Safety space, please contact us for a confidential conversation

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