Making sense to survive and thrive in a complex and turbulent world.

Salience is the state, quality or signal that stands out. It’s the difference that makes the difference. Each fortnight in the salience podcast we uncover patterns of sensemaking, thinking and acting from the frontiers of human performance, science and art to provide new and improved ways of acting in complex and uncertain times.

When something, a state, quality or signal of some kind stands out from the clatter and noise, that is Salience.

The Salience podcast is a fortnightly dive into the frontiers of advanced human performance. Host Dr Ian Snape interviews expert guests and game-changers from the world of science, art, sports, business and defence, to discover how we can all become better at surviving and thriving in complex and uncertain times.

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Season 4 - Episode 1: Sara Stone

On This episode of the Salience Podcast, we return to our origins unpacking the patterns of behaviour of extreme high performers, learning what we can to apply in everyday life work and the rest of life.
We are joined by Sara Stone. Sara is a professional sailor, and has sailed everything from dinghies to ocean racing yachts. She is currently in Barcelona preparing for the women's americas cup later this year.
Our interest in Sara though is as much about her high level sailing as work experience - in a former life Sara was an epidemiologist and emergency response professional.
So today I want to explore the similarities and differences between different facets of Sara’s experiences

S4 E117 May, 2024

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