What We Do

Our passion is enabling individuals, teams and organisations to survive and thrive. We’re called Frontline Mind because our niche is helping those professionals who work with skin in the game, where decision making really matters, and where poor choices can lead to injury, death or severe adverse consequences.

To help the people we care about around the world, we created three state-of-the-art online programs covering resilience, recovery and leadership. Our programs are available on demand 24/7 – help when you need it, where you need it.

We continually adapt, customize and refine these programs based on quantitative narrative insights using ResilienceScan, powered by SenseMaker® software.

How we ensure engagement and real world outcomes

Rather than relying on pushing content, we help organisations create pull from within the business whereby individuals are encouraged to engage with their own resilience, recovery and leadership development.

Our business model focuses on enabling others, rather than creating a dependency on us. To do this, we create and train peer support networks, and we provide training packages for in-house trainers to deliver our content under license.


Our approach

Practitioner-led, theory-backed, evidence-based

To create the Frontline Mind programs, we began by modelling the world’s resilient elite; from mountain guides and elite sportspeople to special forces soldiers and emergency services personnel.

For our customised programs, we provide animated ‘micro narratives’ – brief stories from exceptional people within your organisation, as well as global leaders across mixed domains of relevance. We then make explicit the otherwise hidden processes of human performance, linking back to the theory and our step-by-step explainer videos, articles, and infographics.

Our research team scours the scientific literature to understand what the best in the world are doing. We then enhance what we know already works to take performance to the next level. Our programs are referenced from over 400 scientific papers.

We track change through quantitative methods, and our programs continually evolve based on a scientific evidence-informed approach.

Stats about the program

  • 4000+ enrolled in Frontline Mind online training programs
  • Over 400 references from scientific papers underpinning the approach
  • Over 50,000 E-Lessons delivered
  • Accredited for CPD by major Australian peak bodies including ACEM and the ANMF
  • 500+ university students trained in Frontline Mind techniques
  • Our live training programs have an average Net Promoter Score of 85-100 when delivered to volunteers
  • Training delivered across 4 continents
Resilience by Design

Resilience by Design

Our resilience program reduces stress, and leads to improved performance and sleep. Learn how to improve your sensing and decision making, and how to adapt your thinking to different situations and uncertainty.

We are currently quantifying how much the positive return on investment is from our resilience program. And what price do you put on your employees’ quality of life?

Quantitative changes vary considerably by individual and team. Track change in resilience and wellbeing in your team or organization using ResilienceScan.

What our clients say about the program

Francine Douce

Chief Nurse, Tasmania

“I found the information and the approach to be really refreshing; reframing the context within which we worked gave me some ‘control’ at a really ‘out of control’ time. I practiced some of the techniques and started to reground my emotions and reactions. This came to be important to my physical and mental health particularly at the height of the pandemic response when I needed every ounce of my resilience and leadership skills to be effective and present in the role and for the team.”

Mel Thompson

ED Nurse and team leader

“Working with Frontline Mind has been a valuable experience. The initial session gave the team members the ability and capacity to create foresight and with this knowledge, they were able to plan and implement personal strategies to reduce the threat of the stressful environment. The support, guidance and knowledge offered by the Frontline Mind team was wonderful and their delivery of the content and their ongoing engagement with the team was excellent. Overall, the experience with Frontline Mind was very beneficial and extremely appreciated”

Ky Wittich

Ambulance Tasmania Paramedic, formerly Australian Army Special Forces Corporal

“I attended Frontline Mind without any preconceived expectations or knowledge of the program. What I found were practical, simple techniques that I could quickly put to good use in my everyday life. I also found I have had a huge shift in thinking with regards to personal resilience and “Stress”. I have taken part in quite a few piecemeal programs within the Military and Health context before, but none have actually challenged my thinking, or helped me to change my situation.”

Recovery by Design

Recovery by Design

Our Recovery by Design program helps people recover from traumatic stress response, hypervigilance and anxiety. We create and train Peer Support Networks to equip volunteers with advanced trauma-informed coaching skills.

Peer supporters operate within a coaching scope of practice and are provided with guidance and ethical boundaries for how to work with others in a medical model of care.

The money saved from preventing just one psychological injury case typically pays for this program. Take this example from a Correctional Officer who was assaulted:

What our clients say about the program

John Pickering

General Manager, Risdon Prison

“The Justice Department referred me to Frontline Mind in response to my suffering PTSD and burnout. I learnt how to understand and interact with my subconscious more easily and how to learn lessons from a “dialogue” with myself and listen to signals. I found the increased awareness to be life-altering. I now perform at a high level through meetings with my superiors, or when involved in a critical or life-threatening incident through the course of my duties. I am comfortable and happy at work once again.”

Tim Coy

Tasmania Prison Service

“I left work after a particularly violent incident seemingly never to return. I spent the latter part of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 unable to venture far from home and in self-imposed exile. I have now learned how to cope and develop strategies that have moved me forward to a place where I can consider; where I am, where I have been and how I am going to move forward to use all of these experiences I have gained to have a beneficial, sustainable and happy future.”

Chris Tompkins

Executive Director at IMAT

“In disaster relief, you need a number of essential qualities, not least of all the ability to perform under maximum pressure. On many occasions, we have applied the Frontline Mind methods with ourselves and people who are living through the worst disasters. In Haiti and the Philippines, I have seen people quickly relieved of PTSD symptoms when no other professionals could make an impact. The Frontline Mind team always inspire confidence in our emergency response members, regardless of how bad things get.”

Leading by Design

Leading by Design

Our Leading by Design program helps managers to lead themselves and others in ways that appreciate context. Adaptive leadership requires great situational awareness, communication skills, and process-oriented coaching and facilitation skills.

Know when to switch into and out of authoritative or Command and Control modes. Create a compelling sense of purpose for your organisation and your teams where employees offer discretionary effort and feel psychologically safe enough to provide continual helpful feedback.

Leading by Design online modules and experientially workshops are currently being delivered at Masters of Engineering level at the University of Melbourne, and in Associate Degree of Applied Health and Community Support at the University of Tasmania, as well as frontline agencies, businesses and start-ups.

What our clients say about the program

Chris Demeyer

FACS Operations Manager, Baptcare

“The Leading and Managing Course greatly assisted me in my transition from a manager to a leader. It has changed the way in which I respond to workloads, task delegation and build confidence in how I interact and communicate with those internal and external to my organisation. Hearing managers use the techniques and language with their staff as a result of my involvement in the course has been one of many examples of the benefit I have seen.”

Rachel Hales

NGO Manager, Strong Families, Safe Kids Advice and Referral Line

“The most useful element of Frontline Mind’s approach is that it is capacity building; they coach and are available for support but ultimately empower you to use the tools yourself and with other people to create a sustainably resilient workplace from the inside. I see and hear my team using the online content to check in with one another and provide practical strategies to manage pressures. For me personally, it has significantly increased the toolkit I have as a leader to empower staff and promote reflective practice.”

Resilience Scan

Resilience Scan

The Frontline Mind Resilience Scan is an insights tool designed to capture culture with measures of individual and team resilience, wellbeing and perceptions of threat within the organisation.

Resilience Scan is quick to deploy, low cost, and secure. With our intuitive dashboard in your hands, you will have direct access to anonymous insights that define resilience, wellbeing and culture within your organisation. Powered by SenseMaker® software, this narrative-led engagement combines the compelling nature of stories and anecdotes, with objective quantitative pattern analysis.

ResilienceSCAN provides a crucial connection to the frontline of your organisation in a way that informs strategic decision-making and operational delivery.

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