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Frontline Mind training has been delivered to individuals and groups within the following organisations:

About  Us

Frontline Mind is a fusion of applied neuroscience, performance psychology and process-driven-coaching. Emphasis is placed upon the development of resilience and clarity in the face of work and home life pressures. 
Our training utilises the entire neurology and engages the whole nervous system, multiple ‘brains’, spinal cord and peripheral nerves in high performance and wellbeing. 
Our methods have been applied and lauded by operators in many of the world’s most extreme environments, from war zones to disaster relief; prison services to elite sports performance.  
The Frontline Mind team have  trained individuals, teams and departments from a range of agencies, industries and countries, including: members of the British SAS and SBS, Firefighters and Marine Corp in the USA, disaster relief agencies in Haiti and the Philippines, social welfare organisations, prisons and police forces in Australia, as well as Olympic athletes and international soccer teams. 
About Frontline Mind

Training Delivery

Our training solutions are for emergency response, Police, Armed Forces, Firefighters, Correctional Services, NGO’s, Businesses and any individual or team required to regularly perform under pressure.


12 months of e-Learning. Each month provides specific processes of human resilience by video, downloadable e-book, and task directed learning.


12-month online program, with additional advantage of 1-day face-to-face training to orient users and directly experience benefits in a live workshop.


12-month on-line program, trained in detail to small groups over 3 ten hour days. This is our preferred format for people facing critical incidents or as part of a new recruit program.


Recovery team is suited for frontline professionals who are likely to be involved in critical incidents, and especially for those who want to develop self-recovery capability. Includes: training in Critical Incident Debrief Process and skill set to support others. Trainees are by selection only.


For complex frontline or high-pressure situations in which leading people with clarity and precision is critical. Suited to any leadership or management context where demands are inordinately high.


It’s for key operators or executive level leaders who are unable to attend longer training programs. In one-to-one coaching resilience patterns are installed and provided direct to the individual so that they gain full benefits, without the time constraints of learning. This form of coaching is also available for individuals who are too psychologically injured to attend a group training.

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Measurement & Analysis of Impact

Frontline Mind monitors individual and organisational resilience using ResilienceSCAN powered by SenseMaker®

ResilienceSCAN is a quickly deployable online service to gather experiences, observations, and lessons from employees. It maps complex patterns 
of behaviour, attitudes, and perceptions related to individual and collective resilience, and organisational risks. SenseMaker® is used by KPMG, Pfizer, Kline Group, and the Australian and US Armies in Afghanistan.

ResilienceSCAN is a collaboration between Prof. David Snowden (Director of the Cynefin Centre for Applied Complexity, Bangor University) and Prof. Ian Snape (Program Director of Frontline Mind and the University of Melbourne).


“At that time of training with Frontline Mind, the company experienced very low maintenance readiness for our 25 Light Armored Vehicles (LAV) due to a host of causes.

Frontline Mind provided their training to Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company which included assessing performance states, neurocoaching techniques, and communication patterns.

In a matter of six months, the company’s maintenance readiness increase from 40% to over 90%.  The Marines greatly improved their communication techniques through specific language patterns.  These results did not require an operations research method to model the situation and then create a plan to optimize the system, which is a standard method to solve complex problems. The Frontline Mind team approached this problem the same way they approach problems in complex eco-systems.  The tangible results were increased maintenance readiness, decreased wait time for parts, reduced spending by 1/3 and increased quality of work place relationships.”


Maj. J. Clayton
Light Armored Reconnaissance Training Company
Advanced Infantry Training Battalion School of Infantry (West)

“Many of our team members come with backgrounds in special operations and have been repeatedly exposed to traumatic level incidents that effect their long term health and ability to operate. The Frontline Mind training that was delivered to our teams was engaging, precise in it’s delivery and above all, effective in the moment and long term since then. We will continue to provide Frontline Mind training to all of our operators working in high pressure environments.”

Mark Daley,
CEO Ark Risk Management

“In disaster relief you need a number of essential qualities, not least of all the ability to perform under maximum pressure. On many occasions we have applied the Frontline Mind methods with ourselves and people who are living through the worst disasters. In Haiti and the Philippines, I have seen people quickly relieved of PTSD symptoms when no other professionals could make an impact. The Frontline Mind team always inspire confidence in our emergency response members, regardless of how bad things get.”

Chris Tompkins,
CEO of clarion global response

“Mike (Program Director of Frontline Mind) joined the J/P Haitian Relief organisation on two occasions during my tenure as country director. Mike worked with people suffering from the traumatic events of Haiti’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent addictive or destructive behaviours. Mike consistently delivered change to people who had been previously written off as psychotic damaged or beyond help. Mike lives up to his claim to be an agent of change. He leaves a lasting legacy in Haiti. It was a pleasure to live and work with him.”

Alastair lamb,
Former country director of JPHRO

“I was lucky enough to be referred to Ian Snape (Program Director of Frontline Mind) by the Justice Department, in response to my suffering post traumatic stress syndrome and burn out… the skills that were so easily imparted to me – in a pleasant, friendly and relaxed manner – have literally enabled me to return to my full pre-injury duties with ease. I am comfortable and happy at work once again and I thank Ian for his efforts and ability to help me so effectively.”

Correctional Supervisor,
Maximum Security, Risdon Prison Complex

“After a series of violent attacks and riots my mind seemed to let me down, I left work after a particularly violent incident seemingly never to return. With coaching and challenging chats, emails and phone calls I have learned how to cope and develop strategies. I have had many meetings with the employee workers compensation people who say that it is unbelievable that I have returned and that I had been “written off” by my employer. My focus is now somewhat different than before.
I now look for opportunity instead of adversity and constantly ask myself three questions:What are the benefits? Is it sustainable? What does it mean for me?”

Correctional Supervisor,
Maximum Security, Risdon Prison Complex

“As part of a broader leadership development program…I was fortunate to be involved in this engaging, experiential learning experience. Participant feedback following the workshop was particularly complimentary…
I have been involved in many Leadership experiences, and found their consultancy for contemporary-based leadership practices to be extremely beneficial.”

Commander Brett Smith,
Dept. Police & Emergency Management (DPEM), Tasmania

“The objective was to give the team tools to apply resilience in all areas of life: work, stress, home life, sport. The coursework put problems into perspective, especially with communication and relationships. These same tools have since then proven relevant and effective in addressing PTSD type symptoms in my crew. In many cases they found that the problem isn’t the problem, it’s our attitude about the problem.”

Captain Todd Wigal,
Firefighter, District 1, Arlington, WA

“The Brigade referred me to Mike Weeks to receive resilience training. It helped me deal with many past events, teaching me how to retrain my brain to deal with current and future problems such as bad or stressful calls, a difficult home life, or any problems that we are keeping to ourselves. I have suffered PTSD like symptoms, but found this learning course was profound in retraining my brain to deal with it. I definitely have a better life. I know that in my short career I have had enough problem calls that have affected me in a negative way. Like others I too turned to alcohol to help numb the pain and visions I had. I stopped dreaming at night not knowing how bad that was for me. Now my mental outlook and home life is much better. This is even something that I plan on taking to my cousin who is dealing with PTSD after his deployment (Army). I also feel deep down that this is something that we should look into for the remainder of our crews. This is a great addition to our employee assistance programme (EAP). Highly recommended.”

Bryan Eusterbrock,
Firefighter, District 1, Arlington, WA

“Mike Weeks and his team are the Special Operators of the coaching world. I have written and spoken extensively about how ineffective most therapy is for men and women of service and I had all but given up on the idea that there could be effective help for the many mental/emotional issues we face. How wrong I was. Firstly, the techniques that these guys teach are so far removed from any of the usual touchy/feely methods on offer that it opens up the opportunity to be used by every hard-nosed, therapy avoiding armed forces personnel on the planet. Second, it works. Oh my, how quickly and magically you can go from feeling BAD to, INCREDIBLE. Once the technique is explained it makes total sense. Until that point it seems unlikely that results can be gained so fast. I cannot recommend this guy more wholeheartedly, what he is doing is needed by all men and women of service. “

Sergeant David M. Engelbert,
Marine Reconnaissance, Awarded NAVY AND MARINE CORPS COMMENDATION MEDAL (with combat distinguishing device)

“I had my hip shattered during active duty in Afghanistan. I have also been engaged in multiple other combat engagements. These activities take their obvious toll, physically and emotionally. When I worked with Mike Weeks and the Frontline Mind program I was addicted to Codeine pain killers and experiencing regular bouts of depression. In a short time frame the training enabled me to view many of my experiences in a new way that both relieved my depressed feelings and provided an experience of energy that was long forgotten. This kind of training is needed by all armed forces men and women and my life is considerably better for it.”

John P.,
Former Medic, Special Boat Services (SBS) UKSF

Meet the Frontline Mind Team


Frontline Mind trainers and coaches form an international consortium of experts from Australia, the U.K. and the USA who collaborate and share knowledge, research and expertise. We work jointly on major global projects and help each other transfer and apply knowledge, wisdom and experience across domains.
Frontline Mind members include professional athletes and business leaders, coaches, trainers, nutritionists, wellness researchers, applied research academics, as well as e-learning, neuroscience, psychology and neuropsychology experts.


Most large organisations have a few top performers – these top performers are often the partners who present and pitch their services, but these are then replaced with middle tier trainers with limited practical experience. It is almost impossible to recruit the truly top performers in any given field because they invariably want autonomy and the flexibility to push the boundaries in their own niche areas. The Frontline Mind consortium of specialists, work together and share skill sets and expertise across disciplines and domains. We offer flexible access to a co-ordinated network of global leaders and experts with real-world experience at the highest level.

We offer training and coaching programs for people preparing for, or returning from, high-pressure environments. We enable individuals to perform under pressure and have clarity in action, to lead with precision and manage risk. 
We facilitate critical incident debriefs, as well as training operators to switch from states such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Frontline Mind trainers have extensive experience of developing resilience with service personal, as well as working with elite performers in business, sports and the performing arts. Our coaches and trainers also have practical experience helping with recovery from stress and mental health conditions. In addition to practical experience, our members have relevant academic training, research track records and publishing and multimedia experience.
Prof. Ian Snape

Ian Snape

Program Director

Ian has 25 years of experience leading research teams in polar regions for government and private agencies. He is a professorial fellow at Macquarie and Melbourne Universities and neuro coach for the Australian Olympic taekwondo team. As a PhD graduate he has a distinguished scientific research profile and provides scientific advice to the Australian Government. Ian is a martial arts instructor who has organized and led more than a dozen Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. He trains the Frontline Mind program to Police Special Operations groups, correctional officers, and other frontline services in Australia.

Mike Weeks

Mike Weeks

Program Director

Mike is an ex-professional free climber, ultra-marathon runner, published author on Neuro-Psycology, and a leading peak-performance coach. He has coached for over 15 years, across a diverse range of fields, working with climbers and athletes and later in emergency disaster response in Haiti (including one month running PTSD programs for Sean Penn’s JPHRO) and the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan. Mike has trained and assisted members of the UK Special Forces and Philippines Special Operations Command for work on peak-performance and recovery from trauma. He has extensive experience in coaching and training elite performers from business, the arts, elite level sports and police, firefighters and armed forces.

Suni Toor - Frontline Mind Training Partner

Sunita Toor

Program advisor and training partner

Suni has a multi-disciplinary background in sociology, psychology and philosophy, and a PhD in law. Suni has been working as an applied academic for the past 18 years. She’s passionate and curious about people, with a commitment to making the world a better place. Her work is based upon training, development and knowledge transfer which equips people to excel in their response to critical situations. Suni’s particular expertise is working with female offenders and vulnerable victims as well as governments, NGO’s and police officers in developing policies and training to respond to the needs of vulnerable.

Greg Hince

Training Partner

Greg has more than 20 years of experience as an executive and scientist in the Australian Government.  He is a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Australian Navy Reserves and is Co-founder & Director of The Coaching Space. His experience includes leading and managing science, engineering and defense teams. He lectures at university in leadership and communication, and regularly speaks at international conferences. Greg specializes in systems analysis and work flow, helping teams achieve high performance in complex and risky environments.

Sam M

Special programs advisor and training partner

Sam is a member of our special programs team for advanced law enforcement and defence training. He has seven years serving in the Royal Marines and fourteen in the Metropolitan Police, including eight years in SO19 working undercover in gangs and robbery task force. His operational location experience includes projects in Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Congo, Namibia, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania and Egypt. Special programs training enables advanced skills for people entering dangerous environments, including kidnap and ransom for NGO workers and businessmen .

Jason Woodard- Frontline Mind Training Partner

Jason Woodard

Training Partner

Jason is a veteran Marine Sergeant who served with 1st Battalion 5th Marines from 1994 to 1998. He’s a decorated 19-year law enforcement veteran who has served as a Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor, Range Master, SWAT Operator, SWAT Sniper Section Leader, and Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor. While conducting major crimes and homicide investigations, he worked multiple high profile and death penalty cases and developed a reputation for investigative tenacity and interrogative skill.  Jason is a lead instructor at the Interviews & Interrogations Institute and an active-duty Law Enforcement Officer.

Gabriela Xavier

Marketing & Events Director

Gabriela is an internationally experienced marketing and events professional having worked with a range of Fortune 500 organizations in the past seven years. During this time, she has directly managed a portfolio of clients that combined over a million dollars in corporate marketing investment. Gabriela is tasked with leading the marketing initiatives at Frontline Mind since January 2017; building innovative partnerships to broaden the business’ footprint in the corporate market delivering customizable professional training solutions through digital platforms and in-person.

Skip Rogers

Training Partner

Skip is the CEO of Interviews & Interrogations Institute and a former Police Lieutenant and investigations bureau commander. He has a BA Degree in Criminal Justice Management from the Union Institute and University and is a graduate of the California Peace Officer’s Standards and Training, Sherman Block Leadership Institute. Skip has been a police officer for 25 years. He is a Former SWAT Team member, assistant SWAT team leader and hostage negotiator as well as recipient of the Police Silver Star for bravery in the line of duty.

Lauren Burns

Lauren Burns

Training Partner

Lauren won an Olympic gold medal in taekwondo when the sport made its debut at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. She has a bachelor of health science in naturopathy. Lauren was awarded the Order of Australia in 2001 and has a string of international titles and achievements to her name.

She conducts regular motivational presentations, active workshops and wellness programs all over Australia and abroad. Lauren is currently studying for her doctorate at RMIT on the effects of environmental contaminants on elite performance.

Mark Setch

Training Partner

Mark is an internationally qualified professional certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), with over 3,000 hours of coaching experience.  He has personally mentored over 130 coaches in training, and those preparing to apply for an ICF credential.  He is currently pursuing his Master Certified Coach credential.

Hugh Eagling

Training Partner

Hugh is an elite level, peak performance trainer who operates in the fields of martial arts, self-defense and high performance sport. His corporate career includes security and safety management, specialising in maritime security over a 23 year career in that industry. His capabilities include specialist skills trainer in the area of security and emergency management; extensive knowledge of working within ports and the commercial security sector; coaching and training in business performance and continuity.

Sue Hefren

Training Partner

Sue is a Partner and Chief Operations Officer at Frazer Holmes Coaching, Australia’s third largest coaching company. She is a Professional Certified Coach with over 750 hours of documented coaching and is adept at coaching people from crisis to high performance. Sue has been delivering Internationally Accredited facilitated training workshops for Frazer Holmes Coaching for the past three years and has extensive experience training and mentoring coaches.

Bec Donaldson

Training Partner

Bec has 20 years of experience training, coaching and mentoring individuals and groups, primarily in the education sector but also in remote-area travel, the Australian Army, creative arts and community engagement. She has teaching, project management and research roles at Murdoch University and the University of Tasmania.  She has biology behavioural science degrees, a visual arts diploma, and extensive experience facilitating academic and other outcomes and directions for both youth and adults.

James Tripp

Training Partner

James is an internationally recognized coach, trainer and consultant in the areas of personal adaptedness, psychological resilience and individual behavioural change. He has been working professionally as a skills trainer and people developer since 2003 and coaching one-on-one since 2007. He has worked both privately and institutionally with a range of client groups from emotionally and behaviourally challenged youths with backgrounds of developmental trauma to corporate executives in optimising professional performance.

Robert Holmes

Training Partner

Robert is an expert in the science of human behaviour and performance enhancement with a passion for neurology, leadership and the psychology of potential. He’s deeply studied in language, non-verbal body language and facial expression recognition. He is focused upon the use of hard science the fields of human performance, and that his training practices are evidence based and research backed. Robert has extensive coaching experience in training the Australian Army (defense) and Police.

Mike Radburn

Training Partner

Mike is an independent consultant psychologist and workplace trainer, with 25 years’ experience of working with individuals and organisations to maximize quality of life, employment experience, and output.  He has a sound understanding of best practice and research in areas of morale management, psychological injury, and risk management from both organisational and human perspectives. Mike has an honours degree in psychology and post-graduate qualifications in alternative dispute resolution.

Bean Sopwith

Wellbeing and Innovation

Bean is a nutritional therapist, ultra-marathon runner and climber, and has spent ten years coaching individuals and businesses in what it takes to return to health and maintain wellness. She has worked with a diverse range of clients, from delivering PTST programs in Haiti and coaching extensively in foreign countries, to lecturing banks on resilience and wellbeing.  She has a degree from Oxford University, is a coach, researcher, speaker and trainer, specialising in nutritional wellness and resilience.

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