We enable individuals, teams and organisations to develop resilience to survive and thrive in complex and turbulent times

Our Programs

Resilience by Design

Discover and enhance your own innate resilience strategies. Reduce stress and improve performance and rest. Learn how to identify what is most important in complex situations, improve decision making, adapt your thinking to different situations and uncertainty.

Recovery by Design

Recover from traumatic stress response, and states like hypervigilance, depression and anxiety. Cool down and learn safely from after-action review. We create and train Peer Support Networks to equip volunteers with advanced trauma-informed coaching and debrief skills.

Leading by Design

Lead yourself and others in ways that appreciate context, with improved situational awareness. Know when and how to apply authoritative or command and control modes, and when to facilitate, collaborate and adapt. Create a compelling sense of purpose where employees offer discretionary effort and feel psychologically safe enough to provide continual helpful feedback.

Customised for your organisation

Our programs are modular and can be quickly adapted to meet the learning needs of the people in your organisation in a targeted way. Our customised programs reflect your brand, and include unpacked narratives from within your business or industry - the 'how to' examples of target values, principles and actions.

Resilience by Design

Resilience by Design

How to Survive and Thrive in a Complex and Turbulent World delivers the world’s most detailed and research-backed how-to course that integrates advances from neuroscience and complexity theory with real-world expertise, to provide practical techniques that you’ll want to use every day.

The Salience Podcast

The Salience podcast is a fortnightly dive into the frontiers of advanced human performance. Host Dr Ian Snape interviews expert guests and game-changers from the world of science, art, sports, business and defence, to discover how we can all become better at surviving and thriving in complex and uncertain times.

We offer end-to-end support for employees and managers

We offer end-to-end support for employees and managers

  • How to hire resilient people
  • Resilience training
  • Recovery from significant, critical and cumulative incidents
  • Leading and managing skills
  • Transition coaching for a no-grudge exit

What we’ve done

Clients are viewed as collaborators and stakeholders in shared projects, with whom we build close relationships to both better understand their workplace culture and to ensure that caring for the quality of our work is personal to everyone involved.

No two organisations are the same, even if their function on paper is. We work with our partner organisations to understand their unique challenges and tailor programs specifically to meet these needs. Invariably, we use a blend of our three programs (Resilience, Recovery and Leading) and where possible, track this using Resilience Scan.

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Our key partner organisations include:



  • Tasmanian Health Service
  • Public Health Service Tasmania
  • Primary Health & Community Nursing
  • Statewide Mental Health Services Tasmania
  • Population Screening Tasmania
Social Care & Child Safety

Social Care & Child Safety

  • Baptcare 
  • Communities Tasmania
  • Strong Families Safe Kids Advice & Referral Line
  • Mission Australia
Business and Education

Business and Education

  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Tasmania
  • TasWater
  • Department of Education Tasmania
Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

  • Tasmania Prison Service
  • Tasmania Police


  • United States Marine Corps
  • Royal Australian Navy

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