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It is estimated that between 7 and 19% of police officers meet the diagnostic criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In 2012, 27% of surveyed Correctional Officers reported symptoms of PTSD. 2021 and 2021 saw an increase in pressure on those working in frontline law enforcement roles across the world, with lockdown and COVID-compliance enforcement alongside rising infection outbreaks in already over-crowded prisons pushing systems to breaking point.

Frontline Mind is attracting more attention from law enforcement agencies looking for training solutions at scale that capture whole systems, from frontline workers through to executive leadership, suitable for both those that wear a uniform and those that do not.

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Tasmania Prison Service

The correctional setting is amongst the most very challenging of frontline environments. 

We have been working with the Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) for more than a decade. Originally helping Correctional Officers recover from PTSD and hypervigilance, our programs have more recently expanded to include whole-of-agency resilience training, train-the-trainer programs so that staff can train new recruits how to decompress and go home safely, act under pressure, and recover from incidents. 

How We Do It

The TPS peer support program, known as the MATES, is in its 6th year, and we have trained around 50 officers and non-custodial staff in advanced coaching approaches for stress and trauma. These skills are adapted through a blend of our Resilience and Recovery by Design programs.

More recently, Frontline Mind has begun a Leading and Managing Program incorporating elements of Resilience and Leading by Design for frontline staff. Leaders are learning how to adapt their leadership styles from command and control to adapt and collaborate. The focus is on tactical agility, teamwork, and communication. 

What our clients says about the program

Francis Cronin

Supervisor and MATES member, Tasmania Prison Service

“The techniques that I have learned have enhanced my work performance as well as enabled me to monitor and effectively manage stress and anxiety- both in the workplace and in my personal life.”

Key statistics

Tasmania Prison Service

  • 500 staff members enrolled in Resilience by Design
  • 70+ people trained
  • Frontline Mind Induction Training now delivered to new recruits in-house
  • MATES peer support program entering its 7th year
  • PARLIE model starting to embed as the preferred Critical Incident Debrief method

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