Resilience Scan

Resilience Scan

Resilience Scan (powered by SenseMaker®) is designed to quickly direct attention where it is required within an organisation and to track change over time. Unlike traditional surveys that are expensive, take a long time to complete and even longer for the organisation to see results, Resilience Scan is designed to nudge culture forward in a fast fashion.

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By opening with a question that invites a personal story of experience, Resilience Scan avoids gifted positive scores, punitive negative scores, or disengaged tick-and-flick. All subsequent questions relate to that story. Aggregated stories can be used to identify patterns and themes in a way that places the leadership team directly in contact with the frontline of the business and the stories that define culture, resilience and psychological safety.

Resilience Scan

Resilience Scan

Resilience Scan can be used to track change through time to monitor recovery from crisis, as well as capability development or performance improvement initiatives.

More than ever, leaders need meaningful insights from the frontline. Genuinely engage with your organisation’s greatest asset, its people, with Resilience Scan, Powered by SenseMaker® software.

Resilience Scan

How it works:

ResilienceSCAN is a browser or app-based insights methodology that captures stories of experience. Insights are entered anonymously. Frontline Mind will work with your organisation through the following operational plan, with a two-week timeframe between steps 3-7:

  • Step 1. Customisation for your organisation.
  • Step 2. Identify staff engagement strategy.
  • Step 3. Deployment and fast feedback. Adjust engagement strategy if needed.
  • Step 4. Guided live exploration of experiences, patterns and themes in person or virtually with an agreement reached on key themes and priority actions to develop organisational resilience, wellbeing and performance.
  • Step 5. Handover the raw data and dynamic dashboard to the project sponsor.
  • Step 6. Static dashboard created by Frontline Mind, showcasing the key themes priority actions.
  • Step 7. Static dashboard shared with all staff.
  • Step 8. Take action/execute the agreed plan.
  • Step 9. Stay involved in the global project to contribute and learn from others.

If you want to try a new way to reach the frontline of your organisation, contact us to request a demonstration of Resilience Scan.

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